Start ups

We help start ups to figure out the digital product part of their idea and create the first proof of concept, MVP all the way to product market fit


A newly established organisation that is seeking to develop and validate an idea's ability to create a successful business via its ability to earn money, help their customers and support their owners' lives.

What the organisation needs from elsewhere

  • Help aligning with a clear purpose and vision

  • Assistance in turning and idea /concept into something implementable and scalable

  • Advice and expertise on what it takes to build a digital product

  • Advice and assistance in hiring the and bringing in the right skill sets

  • Help with all the multitude of things it takes to build a digital product (from code to content and everything in between)

  • A low cost pragmatic team that can trust in

  • Help with prioritisation and focus

What elsewhere needs from the organisation

  • Availability to meet in person at least fortnightly

  • Belief and an interest in the problem that is being solved

  • Solving a problem that focuses on putting people first

  • Commitment to a long term partnership

  • Transparency in goals, financing and relationship with any board or funding

What the team from elsewhere might look like

  • One or two main elsewhere people who are always around and available and understand the product inside out

  • Specific expertise freelance hires for very specific jobs as and when required

  • Team that grows with each iterations of the product

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