How we do user, customer and stakeholder research and interviews in order to learn what is best for your digital product, website or people first organisation

People are complicated, but central to impactful success. Through research we help to understand the motivations of the people that align with your purpose, so that they stay loyal customers and advocate for you in the long term.

We believe

Small organisations should prioritise the needs of their people. While many people tend to equate this approach with a customer-first mentality, the reality is that customers are just one part of the equation.

To truly embrace a people-first ethos, organisations must consider the needs of everyone they interact with. This includes empathising with and understanding the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and anyone else with whom the business regularly engages, with particular focus on those in the community that are true believers.

While this may sound like a daunting task, the effort is well worth it. A relentless focus on people creates a more sustainable and successful business overall, proving better retention rates, increased innovation

The problem for small organisations

People are the life blood of any impact organisation. Their employees, their customers and the communities they surround themselves with can make or break their success. Couple this with hiring new employees, attracting and retaining customers, meeting and building relationships with the right funders are some of the most resource heavy, risky and expensive activities a a start up partakes in.

That's why it's deeply important to de risk these activities as much as possible by deeply understanding the need and motivations of the people that they interact with. This can be a resource heavy job and it can be hard to cut through the noice of what all customers, employees and partners are saying to get to the true insight and what to do about it.

How we help

Our generalists and our skilled experts have the skills in customer and employee research needed in order to make sense of the underlying motivations and needs of the people most important to the organisation.

The steps we take

  • Identify business and impact critical audiences

  • Understand the organisations purpose and how that maps to its uadiences

  • Understand the current knowledge within the organisation

  • Identify gaps in the knowledge

  • Define research plans to gain deeper knowledge into the audiences

  • Facilitate research

  • Gather insights

  • Provide actionable and pragmatic steps

The skills we use

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Employee interviews

  • Customer interviews

  • Customer research

  • Behaviour research

  • Data analysis

  • Service mapping

  • Storytelling

  • Insight gathering

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