Rikke Koblauch

An amazingly talented user experience designer and researcher who knows what good is and will do what it takes to make it happen

Rikke is a freelance UX designer and researcher with almost 10 years of experience in building digital products and services. She's a Hyper Island alumni and has been working with big global brands and small startups within mobility, retail, healthcare, the public sector etc in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London. She's been running my own tech startup and been travelling the world to teach and talk about user centered design.

We talk to Rikke if we need

User research - Getting to know the needs, pains and expectations from end-users

Synthesis and analysis - Identifying patterns, insights and opportunities from the research

Workshop and ideation facilitation - Turning opportunity into ideas

Prototype and experiments - Turning ideas into measurable prototypes

User testing - Putting prototypes and products in the hands of users to validate

Interface design UX & UI - Delivering designs and working closely with developers to ensure the best user experience

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