Technology & design

The way we work with and think about effectively harnessing, digital things, technologies, digital product and technical stuff and design them the right way

There’s so many options and buzz around technology. We help you understand what technology you truly need. We then help you design, build and learn from it, so that you can stay effective and focus on your impact.

We believe

Technology & design has the potential to solve complex problems, improve processes, and make organisations more impactful. It can also create new opportunities for individuals and businesses, and enhance our daily lives. As new technologies are invented they force us to rethink our current ways of doing things and ask, is there a better way? Design is a great way to do this.

However it is important for impact led organisations to use technology thoughtfully and considerately, taking into account the potential risks and downsides. This includes being mindful of data privacy, ensuring equitable access to technology, and providing training and support for employees to use technology effectively and safely.

The challenge for small organisations

The challenge is there are too many different technologies, approaches to technology and a large amount of skills and employees required. This means that the small organisation doesn't have the money and resources to best explore what technologies to use or the capabilities to implement them effectively. This means they may be missing out on reaching their impact more quickly and effectively

How we help

Between our generalists and our specialised experts we already have the design and technology knowledge. By partnering with you to understand your organisation we can then provide pragmatic and actionable suggestions on how be best utilise design and technology to be the most impactful organisation you can be.

Not only this we have the team and the skills to then effectively design, build any technology you need. This means we are accountable for any suggestions we might have made earlier in the process and there's no need for any handover to a 3rd party

  • Save time and resources on understand why where and how to use technology within your organisation

  • A pragmatic a approach to the implementation of the technology you need focussing solely on the most impactful and value adding areas fist

  • Reduce the risk and uncertainty of costly implementing technology wrong by using us to effectively implement the technology you need

The steps we go through

  • Understand your organisations technology needs

  • Align around a vision for how technology can be used within your organisation

  • Create a roadmap for implementation

  • Design, build and test the first version

  • Keep learning and improving from what is released adding new things as required

The skills we use...

  • Technology experimentation

  • Emergent technology research

  • Concept building

  • Product roadmapping

  • Product ownership

  • Project management

  • Agile process facilitation

  • Brand design

  • UX design

  • UI design

  • Design systems

  • User testing

  • Digital analytics

  • Web development

  • Systems architecture

  • Content creation

  • Workshop facilitation

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