🧐Subjects that interest us

We love all aspects of digital product strategy, design and code, but these , the are the topics that very interest us the most, especially in relation to people first organisations

We want to collaborate with people that believe in and work for people first organisations. These organisations can take many legal forms (non profit, foundation, for profit or governmental), follow many purposes and work with many challenging topics. The most important thing for us is that they believe in the people first strategies we’ve outlined no matter how far along with them they are, and believe in putting the effort required in to make them happen.

There are certain organisational purposes that we are potentially more likely to work with due to prior experience, general personal interest or our need to know more about a certain topic to further our own company. These purposes are not a prerequisite for working with us and certainly change over time as the world, our interests and organisational needs change too.

Appreciate Nature

The influence of nature on people's lives can be immensely positive, ranging from spending more time in natural surroundings to gaining inspiration and knowledge from the processes of the natural world. Our goal is to support organisations and solutions that enable people to have easier access to these experiences.

In many ways the current narrative is that technology is removing us from nature, but we believe this doesn’t have to be the case. Technology processes and solutions can learn a lot from the processes of nature. Not only that technical solution can provide us with access and knowledge of nature that can help us appreciate it in new ways.

Enjoy Food

Food is a fundamental requirement for everyone, but many of us are now disconnected from the various stages of food production, sourcing, and preparation. It is our belief that by bringing people closer to the processes involved in making their food and encouraging them to enjoy the experience of cooking and eating with loved ones, people can develop a greater awareness of how their food choices affect the environment. This, in turn, can help people gain a better appreciation for the food they consume.

With this in mind we’d love to collaborate with others trying to help in this space.

Love our homes and shelter

We spend a significant portion of our lives inside buildings, whether it's our home, workplace, or school. However, these spaces should be more than just shelters. They should be environments that we enjoy being in, where we can connect with others and share experiences. After all, the places where we spend most of our time should enhance our well-being and contribute to a positive quality of life.

We are always trying to improve our studio experience to be the best place for our employees and those renting desks, so any chance to learn more about the best way to design indoor experiences would be very interesting to us.

Sustainable clothing

We all need clothes, but do we need so many of them? Do we need to replace them so often? We believe in creating clothing that lasts longer, can be repaired and considers its supply chain. As wearers of clothes (most of the time) ourselves, we’d love to help with solutions that help with more sustainable clothing.

Improve how we learn and educate

Learning and personal growth are continuous processes, our education doesn't end when we finish school. We learn in many different contexts, including in our professional and personal lives. It's essential to recognise that learning is a lifelong journey and that education can take many forms.

We believe that there is a lot more that can be done to enhance our understanding of how people learn best, including how to personalise learning to meet individual needs. Technology has the potential to be a valuable tool in this regard, providing a means to create customised learning experiences that are more accessible to everyone. By leveraging technology in education, we can help more people reach their full potential and foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

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