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Welcome to elsewhere, an overview of what it means to be a digital product studio. We help to improve organisations digital products through strategy, design and technology.

We are Elsewhere, a digital product studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We help small organisations to enhance their digital innovation, effectiveness, and sustainability through top-notch digital services.

We are a small, experienced group of generalists who have decades of experience working with design & technology. We are a small group by design, so that we can work closely with a select group of partners, stay cost effective and stay abreast of the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our approach is to tailor make projects to fit exactly what you need, ensuring our projects are pragmatically scoped and delivered to a high quality.

We do this by leveraging all of the best practices of digital product process and tools, then designing projects that take only the best bits. We assemble dynamic bespoke teams, based on our each project's needs by combining our generalists broad digital knowledge with our specialist expert networks' tailored skills working in short sharp bursts of intense work, followed by a period of listening, learning and reflection before the next project.

We recognise that genuine success demands more than just advanced design and technology. As part of our digital product work we foster outstanding teams, implement thoughtful processes, promote sustainable business models, cultivate inclusive communities, and nurture thriving organisational cultures.

This means that the people we partner with benefit from

  • The best environment for creativity and innovation

  • Accountability for the work we do, all the way from inception to real world results

  • A fun, collaborative and respectful working environment that gets the most out of everyone who is working with us

  • Flexibility and pragmatism in project scoping and planning. Our partners use us when they need us, no need to make costly and risky full time hires until they’re ready

  • Fast, effective and agile projects that deliver high quality digital results at value for money

  • Hand on experience learning about everything we do, so that you can do it without us one day

There’s so much more, you can read on through our cases, look deeper into our people or just talk to us.

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