Luke Jermy

Digital creative, visual thinker, Hobbyist birdwatcher, loving friend, Norwich City fan. He well versed in User experience (UX), User interface (UI) and how technology works

TLDR; My background is in design and digital technology. Worked with everything from startups to Google and everything in between. Founded a studio that helps to build organisations balancing people, purpose and profit.

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I've has been working with design and digital technology in a number of different capacities since 2006.

Corporate beginnings

I started out working in the IT teams of large financial organisations as a software tester. In truth, testing was stretch for me. I liked to tinker and understand how things worked, but I wasn't systematic enough to be any good at it. And my attention span stinks.


In 2009 I moved to London and immersed myself into the startup world. It was here I got more involved in design: how to understand people and build things that made sense to them. This felt like much more of a calling. Turns out that crumby attention span was a bi-product of some sort of hyper awareness that thrives when doing creative, emotionally engaged work, with real people and their needs.

Agency life

After some years I took to life as a freelancer and started to bounce around some incredible creative technology and design agencies. I had the privilege of working with some massively talented people, as part of teams for the likes of Google and The BBC. London is great for opportunities like that.

The elsewhere years

I moved to Copenhagen in 2017 and in 2019 Billy and I founded elsewhere. There was an itch we needed to scratch.. Though at the time we weren't quite sure what it was. Read more about that here though.

And to this day, we're on a wild and very fun journey to help people to build organisations that balance the needs of people, and the purpose they are working towards, without compromising on how to get cash in the bank.

Why I'm even doing this

It's my fervent belief that the pairing of design and technology are transformative. We can do an awful lot with them when we put them to good use. The role of organisations, and their influence on the people they touch is the vehicle for how we're trying to affect the change we're working towards.

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My Role at Elsewhere

As the Creative Community and Design Lead at Elsewhere, my role combines the art of design with community building and effective communication. I play an invaluable role in shaping our community, fostering partnerships, nurturing talent, and leading branding and design initiatives.

Community building

  • Curate events and communities to represent Elsewhere and foster collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations.

  • Nurture leads and maintain a continuous pipeline of projects by connecting with start-ups that can benefit from Elsewhere's expertise.

  • Build and maintain a strong talent network to ensure a consistent pool of talent for employment and project needs.

  • Ensure the smooth operation and satisfaction of those working within our studio space.

Brand and communication

  • Define and refine Elsewhere's brand identity, maintaining brand guidelines for visual and verbal consistency.

  • Lead the communication strategy to resonate with our target audience through continuous testing and refinement.

  • Create and maintain communication materials that represent Elsewhere throughout the customer and community journey

Experience design

When it comes to project work, I take on the role of Product Design Lead. I am at the forefront of shaping the overall look, feel, and functionality of our products.

  • Conduct user research and analysis to understand the needs, goals, and behaviours of our target audience.

  • Lead brainstorming sessions and create user personas, journey maps, and wireframes to conceptualise user experiences.

  • Design intuitive and engaging user interfaces, creating high-fidelity prototypes and mockups primarily using Figma.

  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, product managers, developers, and designers to align design vision with project goals.

  • Develop and advocate for a user-centred design strategy that aligns with business goals.

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