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Asking for help on your digital product strategy, design or code is a big deal. Here's what the experience of working with us is like our approach and our process

We recognise that our organisation is unique in comparison to typical service providers. By transcending the traditional boundaries of consultancy, digital agency, and venture studio, we are able to offer an unparalleled level of value and innovation. But working this way comes with its challenges in terms of communicating what we do.

Helping people to fully grasp what we do is hard work, but worth it. We truly belive in the way we work, so it is essential that we can effectively communicate how we help our partners, so that we can deliver the most value to them. We accomplish this by acknowledging existing mental models that we break, defining the common patterns through our process, and illustrating it all through tangible case examples.


To summarise how we help our partners, our approach is to balance a deep understanding of their unique context, whilst acknowledging that there are common patterns in how people behave, how ideas develop into businesses and how digital products are designed and built.

When we start to work with a potential partner, we begin by understanding where they are is in terms of their lifecycle, assess their specific digital context through our process, all while keeping our approach consistent, we can provide to deliver the most value to an organisation. We then do this repeatedly as our relationship develops over time.

Theres a pattern to the work we do

We work with individuals and teams throughout their evolution, starting from the identification of a challenge or idea, through to them becoming a happy and confident team that can operate independently of our help. We view this journey as an evolutionary process, with each phase requiring a different mindset, focus and skillset. In the early phases, the mindset is open and experimental, while in later stages it becomes more focused and targeted.

No matter the organisation or department we've worked with we have found these phases always exist even if the number of people involved, the specific activities and the time taken in each phase varies.

We use these phases as a way to identify what services we can provide and a common language from which to discuss how we will work with our partners.

You can read more about them here

Everyone we work with is unique

We recognise that every organisation has its unique context and specific needs during its lifecycle. Therefore, while the model above can provide a useful framework for assessing priorities at different phases of the journey, it is essential that we establish a relationship with our partners and take the time to understand their specific context. By doing so, we can tailor our approach and the team we hire to support the specific challenges our partners are facing. This allows us to be cost effective, pragmatic and selective in the work we do.

We do this through a standard set of steps for each project we work on and by working on multiple projects in "bursts and blooms". Bursts are periods of high intensity action, followed by blooms which are period of learning and understanding .

You can read more about how we do that here

How we define our services

We have quite a diverse set of skills and knowledge within the organisation. In existing mental model terms we work on strategy, design, technology and impact with our partners. The difference is we define and execute all of our services with your employees, customers and partners relentlessly front of mind.

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How this looks in reality

To see the lifecycle, bursts and blooms and services in action you can take a look at our cases.

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